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Art Classes for

Senior Citizens

Experience fun and calming activities that can free your creative spirit.

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Art Therapy for All Ages

Olive Art believes that engaging in art activities has a calming effect that helps promote healing. Doing paintings and crafts can provide a moment of clarity, aid in improving dexterity and motor skills, and hone the creativity of seniors, especially those in home care and in hospitals.

Through Olive Art, I proudly offer beginner-level art classes for senior citizens. I provide acrylic painting to flower pots and ornaments, hold private classes in different communities, and offer activities on team building and similar events at your requested location.

What Makes Olive Art Unique?

Keeping minds stimulated through arts and crafts is beneficial especially to seniors. People across ages can take advantage of this, too. Dealing with problems can be challenging during these times, but arts and crafts in a safe setting can uplift you. Creating something can bring more confidence, heal soul, and alleviate emotional illness. You’ll be surprised at how your self-esteem will improve through art.

Older people who try out art end up feeling better, happier, and more focused. Since creating art is also a physical work of the hands, it can boost your blood flow as well as enhance the overall dexterity in your arms, fingers, and hand. Creating also improves your cognitive functions.

The benefits are clear. It doesn't matter how good you are at art. It's the process of learning it that's important. That is why my passion for this makes me a unique instructor. Schedule an art class now!

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